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Artist Interviews

Andrea Cheung

Andrea is an artist and chef based in Montreal, Canada. Shop all Wrappr prints by Andrea here.
Artist Andrea Cheung

Artist Interviews

Andrea Cheung

Andrea is an artist and chef based in Montreal, Canada. Shop all Wrappr prints by Andrea here.

Artist Andrea Cheung

Have you always wanted to be an artist?

While I was growing up I read a lot of Great Illustrated Classics for children. They’re awesome. Beautiful full page illustrations alongside simplified classic literature. I always wanted to create similarly pretty things- regardless of becoming an artist as a career.

Tell us a bit about your background, and how you got to where you are now

I grew up in Hong Kong until I was 17, then moved to Canada where I studied history and languages at McGill University. The fun of connecting the dots between abstract ideas led me to pursue an Illustration and Design degree, with the fantasy of helping people share their perspectives through visual art. While I was at school, I made a living in kitchens where I nursed my deep passion for food. Thereafter I worked 2 years as lead creative designer for Thai Express, until I decided to try my hand at freelancing from March 2020. Since then I have been trying to sneak meaningful nerd tidbits into every project I get my hands on (hence the Herstory Collection).

Artist Andrea Cheung

What type of work do you do for your clients?

My client work is diverse at the moment, because I wantedhad to try everything since going solo. I’ve designed logos, a food truck, murals, editorial illustrations to private commission paintings and Wrappr- I’m discovering what I prefer along the way, which is really helpful. Lately I’ve been receiving more and more requests for creative direction, especially in videography- which is interesting because I never saw that coming.

Which of those do you enjoy most right now?

The kid in me enjoys drawing and painting the most, whether on a wall, or for a written article. Honestly, the eclectic jobs made me learn that I love the problem solving process, no matter what the assignment. I love synthesizing complex ideas and representing them in an effective, beautiful way. I find it a fun challenge for the brain.

What type of work do you do for your own enjoyment?

I always like to paint vegetables of the season as a reminder to myself in the kitchen, and as a fun little bit of drawing. Recently I’ve been sketching more illustrated scenes as well, because I want to share a vibe that I’m coasting on at the moment, like when I’m listening to bossa nova in my garden.

What work of yours would you like to be remembered for? Or is it something you are working on?  

I would like my creative legacy to be the appreciation of simple things. Food, plants, animals, and landscapes are all gorgeous things, and if my way of portraying them helps people see how beautiful they are I would be happy.

What is your biggest indulgence?

Healthy: QI (Quite Interesting) ‚Üź my favourite background show while working and cooking

Unhealthy: Instant noodles. Mi-Goreng. Demae (Sesame Oil). Nissin. All of them in all the flavours. With slightly soggy greens and egg soaking in the broth.

How do you feel about being involved with Wrappr?

I’m so happy. Obviously as a budding freelancer it feels validating and encouraging, but on a deeper level I am so glad to see my illustrations be part of a full-female effort to help people live more sustainably. Those are things that I personally support and it is so gratifying to join the proactivity.

What are your thoughts on the climate crisis, zero-waste products, things you’re doing to be environmentally friendly, etc.

IMO it really boils down to responsible consumption, which is why I reached out to Wrappr in the first place. The chef side of me is very passionate about reducing food waste because we literally shape the world the way we eat. Learn how to keep vegetables and fruits longer, and really enjoy them. Eat seasonal and local, it’s really not reserved for the pretentious and bougie.


Artist Andrea Cheung

Photo credit: Pierre Inglebert

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